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Ministry of Presence

There is a very valuable sort of ministry that I had not specifically heard named until my time as a chaplain. Both at the hospital and in some of the readings and reflections required of me during my seminary internship process I have come across something called "ministry of presence." I considered finding a textbook definition of the phrase somewhere, but perhaps my own words, in the context, is best. "Ministry of Presence" is when one person ministers to another person or persons, by being present with them for the purpose of encouraging and supporting them. This ministry is not a preaching or teaching ministry, but rather, a relational ministry in which the one ministering could very easily do little more than sit in silence. The specific example shown to me in a case study for my internship was a new hire at a church who was training under the pastor. One day the pastor and the new guy stopped the work they were doing and went to talk to some ladies at w

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